Churning the Earth

Churning the Earth
(43:33 mins/ English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati with Eng. subtitles/ 2024)
Dir. Vivek Sangwan
Prod. Srishti Films with Kalpavriksh, for Vikalp Sangam
About the Film: In the face of widespread ecological destruction, social injustice, economic deprivation, there are powerful countercurrents. 'Ordinary' people in several parts of India are resisting the disruption of their lives, as also constructing alternatives in the form of sustainable farming, community-led ecotourism and conservation, revival of crafts, activity-based learning, decentralised water harvesting, local governance and direct democracy. They illustrate various petals in a 'Flower of Transformation', with a core of ethical values like solidarity, diversity, freedom, self-reliance, and respect of the commons.
About the filmmaker: Vivek is a Bangalore-based filmmaker, whose short documentary films have focussed on livelihoods of various marginalised communities, rights of Adivasis and conservation. He has travelled across the country to tell their stories of alternative livelihoods and anti-industrialist worldviews.