'DocuLive' is a Kriti Film Club initiative to showcase, screen and share documentaries, short films, features, animation, music videos and films made by communities and non-profits from India, South Asia and the world. We curate and organise film festivals around social, development and rights based issues, in this virtual space. This portal is also available for like-minded film festivals to screen through/ with us. This is an effort to expand access and viewership of films that matter, films that change, films that amaze.

Kriti Film Club is an initiative of the non-profit organisation, Kriti: a development praxis and communication team, founded by Aanchal Kapur in 1999.

Through DocuLive, viewers will get a chance to experience #thoughtprovokingcinema and appreciate films as a form of art, entertainment and pleasure. Alongwith film screenings, we facilitate local and public discussions on critical social, economic, political, cultural, environmental issues and rights-through online and offline forums.

DocuLive believes that each individual has a story(ies) to tell, with potential to impact one or many peoples' lives, attitudes and behaviour. Films are a lens to such stories and realities, and we offer to bring them to diverse viewers through this initiative.

DocuLive provides a space for young and veteran film makers, community and civil society organisations and collectives, and film festivals to screen their films and build an audience of their own. 

Get in touch for organising online and offline film screenings, curation and film festivals as well as distribution.